Main features :

•    8 programmable analog inputs (configurable by software)
•    6 programmable digital in-/outputs (configurable by software)
•    16 bit A/D converter
•    RS 232, RS 485, USB and Ethernet interfaces
•    Internal data memory 7 MB (RAM)
•    SD Memory Card interface
•    4 lines digital LCD display
•    Possibility of programming and control via multifunction knob
     on front panel
•    Power supply to sensors
•    Very low power consumption
     (0,1 W typ. to 1,1 W max., depending on  configuration)
•    Supply voltage 10... 28 VDC
•    LED control indicators on front panel
•    Real time clock
•    Operating temperature: -20 ...+60°C
•    Configuration software under WINDOWS® via PC with
     configuration of in-/outputs and real time display

The Combilog 1022.2000 is a high precision data logger, designed for a multitude of applications. With its excellent technical specifications, it is the ideal product for meteorological, environmental and industrial applications.

His range of use (-40°C to 85°C) makes it compatible with almost all environments. His low energy consumption (0,1 W) gives it a significant advantage for use in the field where no mains supply is present to power it.

The high-quality manufacturing gives it exceptional accuracy and reliability. The Combilog 1022.2000 is compatible with the old Combilog Mod. 1020.2000.

The unit comes with easy-to-use configuration software. Configuring the Combilog does not require any programming knowledge.
For comfortable and automatic data transfer from the Combilog to the PC and for professional data storage, we recommend purchasing the Comgraph32 software.

The Combilog 1022.2000 allows the use of all types of sensors and mounts on a standard DIN rail.

Interesting addition : Comgraph32 software

Data management software under WINDOWS® allowing:

- transfer of measurement data from the Combilog
- data storage in a database
- clock synchronization
- export in ASCII format to a spreadsheet (e.g. MS EXCEL®)
display in the form of a table or graph
- printing in different forms
- etc.




Power Supply 10...18 VDC; upon configuration, from 70 mW
Dimensions ( W x H x D ) 189 x 90 x 83 mm
Operating temperature -30°C…+60°C
In- / Outputs 8 analog inputs and 6 digital I/O ports
Input Range ±6,25 mV...±10 V / 62,5 µA...25 mA
A/D converter
16 bits
Memory 256 kB RAM
Communication 1x RS232, 1x RS485; each ASCII- or PROFIBUS up to 38400 bd
Software Windows™ based configuration & download software


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